Our Service Rates

We guarantee fair pricing and efficient service. 

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Halifax area starts at $180 plus dumping fees
Bedford & Dartmouth area starting at $200 plus dumping fees
Sackville and Tantallon area starting at $220 plus dumping fees


All prices include dropping off and picking up the trailer.

Further information about fees;

  • Dumping fees are extra (all customers receive a copy of the dumping invoice).
  • We do not mark up the dumping fees. HST is extra.
  • We do not charge fuel tax and there are no ‘hidden fees.’
  • Household garbage is priced by the trailer load.
  • We have full liability insurance and Workers Compensation Board coverage.
  • We recycle! All junk removed is taken to the dump. We dump it, they recycle it.


Dumping fees are an extra charge. Please note that we charge what the dump charges (we do not mark up the dumping costs.
Rates are based on weight and content.

A summary follows:

“Clean shingles” (roofing shingles, tar paper and nails ONLY):

$80 per tonne (30 bundles is ± 1 tonne) @ the Halifax C&D Recycling facility, Halifax

$95 per tonne (30 bundles is ± 1 tonne) @ the Halifax C&D Recycling facility, Dartmouth
Note: if load is not “clean shingles,” the load is dumped as “mixed construction”

“Mixed Construction” (roofing shingles, lumber, gyproc, plastic wrap, metal flashing):
$117.50/tonne @ the Halifax C&D Recycling facility – Halifax
$132.50/tonne @ the Halifax C&D Recycling facility – Dartmouth
Both locations charge an additional $15/tonne for a load with carpet

“Household” (furniture, clothing, toys, etc.):
$100 per tonne @ the Halifax Otter Lake landfill
PLEASE NOTE: there can be absolutely no construction debris mixed with the household items – it will be refused and returned to you for sorting.

NOTE: 1 tonne = 2200 pounds




Our rates are based on a 24-hour rental (2 days if booked over the weekend)
Trailers are generally dropped off one afternoon, picked up the following afternoon
Extra time is charged at $40 per day
No Fuel Surcharge tax
No administration fees
Harmonized Sales Tax (HST 15%) is Extra
We are open 7-days per week.
Ensure the items placed in the trailer are level with the sides of the trailer, so that items do not fall out on the way to the dump.


ITEMS BANNED from ALL Landfills:

No RECYCLEABLES (blue bag items)
No Tires
No paint cans with paint (empty cans with no lid is OK)
No propane tanks
No batteries
No electronics
No fluids of any kind (gas, oil, etc.)
No food or compost
No bundled cardboard (a box with waste inside is OK)
No paper/shredded paper/books/magazines/newsprint/flyers

If you are not sure about an item, feel free to contact the Landfill directly, phone 902-490-4000 or dial 311, or you can view HRM Household Hazardous Waste website – www.halifax.ca
HRM link for what to do with “electronics”

HRM link for Otter Lake landfill complete with banned substances (which is recycleable (blue bag) materials:


Construction Dump – Halifax C&D Recycling: charges $115/tonne for “mixed construction”
(10% Household mix allowed at construction dump):

Allowable Items:
Wood (coated or uncoated lumber) 
Gyprock / drywall / plaster
Ceiling tiles
Vapour barrier
Windows / doors / glass
Shingles – roofing and siding
Bathtub, sinks, toilets
Cabinetry, countertops, cupboards
Plastic (pipes, etc.)
Tree branches, brush, leaves, grass clippings
Carpet, rugs

Household Dump – Otter Lake Landfill: charges $125/tonne:
(Please note: this dump will not accept ANY construction debris, including carpet)

Allowable Items:
Furniture – beds, mattresses, couches, bookcases, chairs, tables
Pictures, frames
Trampolines / swingsets
Shovels, rakes, gardening

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